Peer Abdul Haseeb Shah, Ph. D. 


Department of Bioresources

University of Kashmir,  Srinagar-J&K 190006, India.

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Research Interests


Drug resistance is a common phenomenon seen during the treatment of life-threatening diseases like cancer, tuberculosis etc making cells resistant to the variety of different drugs called multidrug resistance (MDR). There have been reports of drug resistance from all the life forms ranging from microbial pathogens to human cells. Resistance to antifungal drugs varies to the different extent with the type of drug in use and also among different fungi, either due to differences in the composition of the cell membrane and cell wall components or due to the difference in the ability to generate the drug-resistant variants. Due to the frequent use of drugs, MDR phenomenon is also observed in a large number of pathogenic fungal species. Although many antifungal drugs are being used commonly to tackle the menace of fungal infections due to development of drug resistance these drugs have become less effective. One important shortfall to the development of new varieties of antifungal drugs is that it is difficult to delineate the unique pathway in fungi against which drugs can be developed and in some cases, the drugs show toxicity to human hosts as well. One of the aims of our laboratory is to look for novel molecules/compounds  (either synthetic or natural), which can be effective against pathogenic human fungi and can be looked as potential antifungal molecules.

Overexpression of drug efflux pumps has been one of the major factors responsible for the development of antifungal drug resistance. Many of the membrane drug transporters of yeast particularly in highly pathogenic Candida albicans have been under study in recent years. Although many groups are working on the role of drug efflux transporters at the level of their expression and transcriptional regulation there are many unmet aspects to analyze the role-played by transporters in multidrug resistance. Many aspects related to post-translational modifications of membrane proteins having the role in the development of drug resistance have not been studied. Although not much worked upon, still there are few studies highlighting the importance of post-translational modifications in the maturation and localization of membrane transporter proteins. Our group is currently focusing on the study of these PTMs of membrane proteins of yeast having role in fungal drug resistance and pathogencity.


Current Research Grants:


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Funding Agency



Drug resistance in fungi and the …. PTM of membrane proteins (Ongoing)

Department of Science and Technology (DST-INDIA)

2/ ECR/2016/000463

Clinical drug resistant strains of …. drug resistance and drug tolerance (Ongoing)

Science & Engineering Research Board (SERB-INDIA)



Lab Members:

Asiya Ramzan (Ph. D. Student)

Sajad Ahmad Padder (Ph. D. Student/Project JRF)

Hafsa Qadri (Project Fellow)




Research Articles:

•               W1038 near D-loop of NBD2 is a focal point for inter-domain communication in multidrug transporter Cdr1 of Candida albicans. Banerjee A, Shah AH, Redhu AK, Moreno A, Falson P, Prasad R*. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2018;1860(5):965-972.

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Book Chapters:

•               Tools and Techniques to Study Multidrug Transporters of Yeasts. Shah AH, Shukla S, Prasad R *. In: Varma A., Sharma A. (eds) Modern Tools and Techniques to Understand Microbes. Springer, Cham 2017; 183-207.

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