Assistant Professor Department of Bioresources

University of Kashmir Srinagar-190006

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Research Interest

World over people are dependent on only few species for food and there is a need to increase the basket. In this context Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) have identified many under-utilized plants which would improve upon health and nutrition, livelihoods, household food security, ecological sustainability. Moreover, since underutilized crops are closely knit to cultural traditions and therefore are envisaged to have a role in supporting social diversity. In the recent times, the value of these indigenous biodiversity has been growing resulting in renewed interest in research and development of underutilized crops. We are interested in under-utilized crops such as buckwheat (Fagopyrum spp.), millets (Setaria italica L. Beauv., Panicum miliaceum L.) and Amaranthus (Amaranthus caudatus) which have an importance in cultural heritage of the state. For the crop improvement an understanding of biological efficiency (production) demands research on the basic biological processes, morphological traits, response characteristics and genotype environment interactions.

Some of the factors which has renewed the interests in the underutilized crops are

  1. They can act as an alternate source of income
  2. Greater appreciation of biodiversity role in enhancing livelihoods
  3. Increased participation of communities in setting research agendas
  4. Stronger national agricultural research systems
  5. Search for the cultural identities in the global world
  6. Increased demand for traditional food in large multi-ethnic cities
  7. Better understanding of the limits of the green revolution
  8. Greater attention to gender sensitive research



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    Research Grants (Completed)

    1. “Evaluation of Salt Stress Tolerance of Setaria italic L.” Innovative Research Activities” UGC 12th Plan.
    2. Studying plant cell secretion and membrane trafficking. Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowship (IIF), FFCUL, Lisboa, Portugal. (Principal Investigator).

    Research Students




    1. Ms Bisma Malik (Mentor: Dr Reiaz Ul Rehman):Women Scientist Scheme (Wos-A : File No: SR/WOS-A/LS-1278/2015):

           2. Ms Arifa (Mentor: Dr Reiaz Ul Rehman): DST-NPDF Fellowship.



    1. Ms Bisma Malik: “Studies on Antioxidant potential and proteomic profiling of Cichorium Intybus (Chicory) grown in Kashmir”. (PhD Awarded)
    2. Mr Tanveer Bilal Peerzada: “Biochemical studies and proteomic profiling of Fagopyrum species grown in Kashmir”. (PhD Awarded)
    3. Mr. Sajad Ahmad Padder: Evaluation of salt stress resistance in Setaria italic. (Mphil Awarded)
    4. Ms. Asiya Ramzan: “Antioxidant potential of Amaranthus caudatus”. (Mphil Awarded)



    1.  Mr Fayaz Ahmad Dar: “Studies on the variability and biochemical analysis of selected Fagopyrum spp. from Kashmir Himalaya”. (PhD)

    2. Mr. Sajad Ahmad Padder: “Factors contributing to development of drug resistance in clinical isolates of pathogenic fungi”.(PhD)

    3. Ms. Asiya Ramzan: “Mechanistic study of contribution of various proteins in fungal drug resistance”.(PhD)

    4. Mr Aadil Rasool “Biochemical basis of stress alleviation in Proso millet (Panicum miliaceum L.)     grown in Kashmir Himalaya”.(Integrated PhD)

    5. Ms Wasifa “ In Vitro evaluation of stress alleviation in foxtail millet (Setaria italica L.) grown in Kashmir Himalaya”.( Integrated PhD ).