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Dr Manzoor was Born at Trehgam Kupwara Kashmir. He completed his M Sc in Life Sciences with gold medal. He qualified JRF-NET and joined Ph. D in Immunology at IMTECH-CSIR-JNU. In 2009 he topped the Asstt. Prof List by JKPSC & in 2011 he was nominated as Nodal Officer for Kashmir University Satellite Campus at Kupwara. He got selected as Asstt. Prof in Deptt of Bioresources, KU in 2012 . He worked in SATCAS Stroke Research Chair with Prof Raid at MU KSA from 2013-2015. He has wrote seven international books with reputed international Publishers like Elsivier USA, Nova Science Publishers USA and Academic Press USA. He has published many research articles in the Journals of internal repute which include, Plos One, Expert Opinion in Therapeutic Targets, Frontiers in Neurosciences, Stroke, Advances in Neuroimmune Biology etc. He has presented research papers and delivered talks in various international Scientific conferences in the countries like USA, UK, China, Bahrain, UAE, Scotland, Kuwait & Sri lanka. His Research interests include, Immunobiology of Cancer, Immunology of Tubersulosis and Immunology of Stroke. Dr Manzoor was recently awarded Teachers Associate Research Exellence Fellowship by DST Govt of India.

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  • Administrative position Held Coordinator Department of Bioresources School of Biological Sciences
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Research Papers Published

  • "Inflammatory Mechanisms as Potential Therapeutic Targets in Stroke" Advances in Neuroimmune Biology, 5(1): 199 -216 {ISSN: 1878-9498}
  • "Effect of Supine Versus Semi-Fowler’s Position on Hemodynamic stability of patients with Head injury" World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, 4(4): 121 -130 {ISSN: 2277-7105}
  • "123I-FP-CIT SPECT imaging in early diagnosis of dementia in patients with and without a vascular component" Frontiers in System Neurosciences, 9(99): 1 -11 {ISSN: 1662-5137}
  • "TNF Receptor Modulation by Gentiana Extracts Acts as Neuroprotective Mechanism in Stroke by Enhancing Cellular Survival." Stroke, 45(12): e259 -298 {ISSN: 1524-4628}
  • "Immunomodulation of Inflammatory Markers in Activated Macrophages by Leaf Extracts of Gingko Biloba" Advances in Neuroimmune Biology, 6(1): 9 -17 {ISSN: 1878-9498}
  • "BAD a Proapoptotic Protein Escapes ERK RSK Phosphorylation in Deguelin and siRNA Treated HeLa Cells" Plos One, 11(1): Pub Med ID. PMC4706341 {ISSN: 19326203}
  • "Impact of co-signaling on the survival of intracellular pathogens in macrophages" International Journal of Advance Research in Science and Engineering, 7(4): 3166 -3183 {ISSN: 2319-8354}

Books Published

  • "Introduction to Costimulation and Costimulatory Molecules". Elsevier Publishers USA. {ISBN: 978-0-12-80-2585-7} pp 44
  • "Concept of Reverse Costimulation and Its Role in Diseases". Elsevier Publishers USA. {ISBN: 978-0-12-80-2585-7} pp 37
  • "Costimulation Immunotherapy in Infectious Diseases". Elsevier Publishers USA. {ISBN: 978-0-12-80-2585-7} pp 45
  • "Costimulation Immunotherapy in Allergies and Asthma". Elsevier Publishers USA. {ISBN: 978-0-12-80-2585-7} pp 47
  • "Costimulation in Lymphomas and Cancers". Elsevier Publishers USA. {ISBN: 978-0-12-80-2585-7} pp 69
  • "T-Cell Costimulation and Its Applications in Diseases". Elsevier Publishers USA. {ISBN: 978-0-12-80-2585-7} pp 38
  • "Role of Natural Herbs in Stroke Prevention and Treatment". Nova Science Biomedical Publishers USA. {ISBN: 978-1-63483-555-8} pp 264
  • "An Introduction to Cerebrovascular Diseases". Nova Science Publishers New York USA. {ISBN: 978-1-63483-555-8} pp 51
  • "Immunobiology of Stroke". Nova Science Publishers New York USA. {ISBN: 978-1-63483-555-8} pp 61
  • "Natural Herbs, Human Brain and Neuroprotection". Nova Science Publishers New York USA. pp 62
  • "Natural Herbs in Stroke prevention and Treatment". Nova Science Publishers New York USA. pp 36
  • "Polyphenols from Natural Herbs in Neuroprotection". Nova Science Publishers New York USA. pp 47
  • "Role of Natural Herbs in Prevention and Treatment of Stroke". Nova Science Publishers New York USA. {ISBN: 978-1-63483-574-9} pp 310

Research Projects Details:

Title of the ProjectFunding AgencyDatedAmount (in Rs.)
TNF receptor modulation and its impact on the cellular survival by natural herbs in oxygen glucose deprivation model of strokeSheikh Abdullah Bin Tuwaijri Chair for Applied Research in Stroke (SATCAS) Majmaah University KSA01-01-2015180,000.00
Neuroprotective effect of Elsholtzia densa and Artemisia amygdalina in cellular survival after Cerebral Ischemia in oxidative/inflammatory in vitro model of StrokeBHSR Centre Majmaah University25-03-20151,000,000.00


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Bio-ResourcesM. ScBR18303CR3
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