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  • Date Sheet GE & OE II Sem
  • Industrial Entomology 12 June 2:30pm
  • Bioresource Management 14th June 2:30pm
  • Organic Farming 16th June 2:30pm
  • Infectious Diseases and Human Health 19th June 2:30pm

    • Practical Exam 1st Semester 2015 on 04th January 2016 (Monday)
    •  Date for OE/GE Semester 1st 2015 on 08th, 10th and 14th January 2016 

     About Department

    Two years P.G. course in Bioresources was sanctioned by UGC to the Department of Botany in April 2007 under the Innovative programme-teaching and research in interdisciplinary and emerging areas. The first batch was admitted in 2008 with an intake capacity of 20 students. 18 students have already completed their master’s programme and currently 16 students are about to complete their final semester. The Department is gradually creating the infrastructural facilities and has already purchased some sophisticated equipment in order to meet the challenges of the current trends in the experiment approach. Recently three faculty members were appointed by the University. The Department is on its way of progress towards realizing the objectives of the programme.

    P. G. Programme in Bioresources is an innovative programme sanctioned by UGC to the Department of Botany in April 2007. The programme was envisaged to establish a sustainable technology for the exploration, development and commercialization of a spectrum of high value compounds for human and animal health derived from a diversity of bioresources (plants, animals and microbes) based on innovation. The programme is aimed to develop a close and profitable interface between the academic institutions, research laboratories and industries for the sustainable utilization of bioresources. The first batch students have already completed their masters degree in June, 2011. Presently 2nd and 3rd batch students are pursuing their M. Sc. Programme and are in 3rd and 1st semester respectively.
    Objectives of the Programme:

     To introduce the job oriented courses with an immediate relevance to the socioeconomic development of the region.

     To assess the potential bioresources of the region and equip the students with the entrepreneurship skills for the sustainable utilization of resources.

     To educate the students regarding the use of eco-friendly technology tools for bio-prospecting.
     To acquaint the students with the urgent need of biodiversity conservation and management.